Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the Father's Day tart that never was

Father's Day is, oddly enough, one of my favorite holidays. Yes, I love my dad, but that's not why. Father's Day represents the beginning of the summer. School's finally out, it's hot enough to use the pool, and it's the first big bbq of the season. This year, I decided that I would bake a soft chocolate and blueberry tart for a bit of a fancier dessert than the usual cherry pie and ice cream. Everything was going according to plan, when the oven broke.

Of course things only go wrong when you need them the most. The finished (but still unbaked) tart shell sat in the freezer while the oven struggled to preheat past 200 degrees. Finally at 8 o'clock, after my family had left, it started working. I finished the rest of the tart and popped it back into the oven.

This tart comes out perfectly each time, soft and decadent with just a little tartness from the blueberries. And the short bread crust could honestly be eaten alone, it's that good.

You can find the unaltered version of the recipe here!

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